Flooding from rain is a huge issue with Isaac

Isaac Rainfall Map

Isaac Rainfall Map

Check out this graphic from the NWS. It shows the projected rainfall over the next few days as Isaac approaches and then makes landfall along the northern Gulf Coast. This is as serious a threat as the storm surge will be along the immediate coastline. People who think Isaac is not going to be that big of a deal are going to be mistaken and need to realize that it is not about the category every time but rather about the effects of what is coming. Keep Ike in mind and what it did to Texas as “only” a category two. Isaac will cause significant damage and I hope people are prepared.

The team and I are going to deploy another wind tower tomorrow in New Orleans. This will send wind data and hopefully a web cam image to Tower #2 in the app. We should have it set up early tomorrow afternoon.

We will also continue to post video blogs to the app throughout the day as long as we have a 3G signal. We’re hoping for the best!

Our live Tahoe cam coverage will begin again in the morning, not sure exactly when. Tonight we need some sleep as this is the last chance at that we’ll see for some time to come.

Goodnight from Gulfport, MS where the wind is picking up and the skies are cloudy.

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