Hurricane Matthew poised to make history

I am currently on the road in route to Florida. As I travel, hurricane Matthew gathers  strength over the very warm waters in the vicinity of the Bahamas. It won’t be long until it reaches category for intensity I am afraid.  Residents of the Bahamas simply need to hunker down and use common sense as Matthew pounds its way through. Extreme hurricane winds, blinding rain, and a  lethal storm surge will accompany Matthew as it moves through the Bahamas tonight and tomorrow.

By tomorrow night, Matthew will begin spreading its effects over Florida. The spiral bands will move their way into the southeast part of the state as Matthew moves to the northwest.  Conditions will rapidly deteriorate into the morning hours on Friday with a probable landfall expected somewhere between Daytona Beach or south.  Even if the center does not make landfall, very high wind is likely along the I-95 corridor in eastern FL.

Depending on how far west Matthew tracks even Orlando could experience hurricane force wind gusts.  So much depends on the exact track over the next 48 hours.  Tomorrow will be a very important day for Floridians as it will be the last day for them to prepare.

Farther up the coast towards Georgia and the Carolinas,  we will just have to wait and see what the angle of the track is and how much structure remains with Matthew after its landfall in Florida.

Right now you can bet on heavy rain and gusty winds and some storm surge from Georgia north in to South and North Carolina.  Again the exact extent of these impacts depends so much on factors that cannot be resolved this early.

I will have a more in-depth a video discussion very late tonight  after I arrive at my hotel in Titusville. Tomorrow, I will begin setting up equipment to document the effects of the storm while collecting valuable weather data.  Follow long live via the link below:

You may also follow along in our mobile app, Hurricane Impact, two words,  available on the App Store and Google play.  I will be streaming live video of the link above during all of my waking hours.  Best of luck to the Floridians as well as folks in the Bahamas during this stressful time.

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