Irma impacts lessening, Jose one to watch along East Coast

From Meteorologist Zack Fradella:

Slowly Irma has weakened down to a minimal tropical storm and will likely be classified as a post-tropical cyclone very soon as it transitions into more of a frontal low. As of the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, winds are down to 50 mph and these winds are mainly confined to the coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina.

Now that the winds have subsided, the inland flooding is going to be the biggest threat within the next 24 hours across the Southeast United States, especially in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Winds will be gusty at times up to 50 mph which could cause some power outages but the wind threat is decreasing as the storm continues to weaken.

Storm surge has become a big problem today along the Northeast Florida and Carolina coastlines. As heavy rainfall falls inland, the water is having trouble draining towards the Gulf due to persistent southeasterly winds offshore which has piled up the water along the coast. This has led to numerous rivers going into record breaking flood, one of which is the St. Johns river that weaves through downtown Jacksonville. Since Irma is moving farther inland and north, winds are becoming more southwesterly off the Atlantic Coast which is relieving some of the high water levels.

The remainder of the tropics are quiet except for Hurricane Jose which has had a tough go of it as of late due to shear from Irma. Jose is barely hanging on as a hurricane but is expected to make a loop possibly directing the storm more west once Irma moves out of the picture. At this time there should be a period of strengthening as the storm moves just north of the Bahamas. It’s still way too early to talk about potential impacts along the East Coast as models diverge greatly once the storm makes the loop. For now, residents from Florida up the East Coast should monitor Jose closely but not worry too much as chances are higher it eventually gets nudged out to sea. Stay tuned!


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