was started in late 1998 as a hobby website dedicated to keeping track of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin. The site was originally called and remained so through 1999. In 2000, the official name, took its place on the Internet.

The mission of is to provide its visitors with a unique look into hurricane information. By simply using the very best Government issued forecasts and advisories, can provide critial official information almost as fast as it is generated by various forecast offices. is made up of several topic areas, a JAVA based tracking map and our famous daily commentary- sometimes updated many times per day.

During a hurricane threat, the Hurricane Intercept Research Team reports back to from the site of expected landfall. H.I.R.T. does its best to work with local officials and news media to cover the event in a manner that is professional and that yields research grade results. is the only website on the Internet with exclusive access to H.I.R.T.

One of's goals is to educate. Using simple, plain English descriptions, covers all of the hurricane hazards and basic hurricane preparedness and mitigation strategies. Many school districts throughout the country use as an online resource for students.

Updated: August 7, 2006