We are proud to announce the release of HurricaneTrack for iPhone and iPod Touch.

To purchase now, click on the HurricaneTrack icon.

HurricaneTrack will bring you information, updates, video blogs, live weather data, web cam images, social media feeds and more. It was designed to take you there. That's right, HurricaneTrack goes in to the hurricane to deliver timely updates right from the location of landfall. No other app provides this level of information, not from actually taking the user in to the eye of the hurricane.

The first tool is the daily video blog. Each day, a new video blog will be uploaded exclusively for HurricaneTrack. The video blog will cover any goings on in the tropics. When a landfall is possible, the video blogs will serve to provide a wealth of detailed information from the team behind HurricaneTrack.com! You'll have our info, in easy to understand, non-sensational video format, anywhere you go.

When we hit the road for a hurricane or tropical storm field mission, you go with us! Only HurricaneTrack has a live web cam from the vehicle. Couple this with live GPS tracking and you'll know right where we are!

During our field work, multiple video blogs will be posted each day to keep YOU informed about conditions along our journey. We know how to present the information that can help you better prepare and understand what is happening ON THE GROUND. That is the true power of HurricaneTrack.

Once we arrive at the landfall location, we will work to deploy three 5-meter wind towers that will be topped with RM Young anemometers and pressure sensors. In addition, a live web cam feed will be sent to HurricaneTrack, allowing you to follow the wind, pressure and a live cam image from up to three locations! What's more, the data updates every 60 seconds! No other app provides this high-fequency data and web cam imagery from their own towers brought in specifically for the hurricane landfall. Only HurricaneTrack has it!

As the weather worsens, we'll continue to post video blogs of the effects, keeping you aprised of conditions for as long as we possibly can. Even in the event of catastrophic infrastructure loss, we will still be able to post video blogs to the app. You will feel like you are there with us but more importantly, you'll be in the know. You'll have our insight, our experience and our know-how of the situation to help you stay informed.

HurricaneTrack is perfect for any weather enthusiast, media outlet, emergency management office, business owner, insurance company, public adjusters, pilots, coastal home owners, you name it! If you have a need to stay informed this hurricane season, then you must add HurricaneTrack to your app list.

Limited time special price!

For a limited time, we are offering HurricaneTrack for only $9.99 through the App Store. This is a ONE TIME purchase and includes any/all future updates to the app. After this introductory offer, the price will increase. Only with your support can we make future upgrades possible and we have some great ones planned! Again, it's $9.99 LIFETIME purchase. THIS is the best time to get HurricaneTrack. Simply click the HurricaneTrack icon at the top to get it now.

Note: An Android version of HurricaneTrack is in the works now. We will let our visitors know the moment it becomes available. It too will have the same powerful tools to keep you up to date with the latest hurricane news and information plus on-site video blogs and live weather data.

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