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Greetings! I am Mark Sudduth, the founder and editor of HurricaneTrack.com. The site began in 1999 as a way to post info concerning tropical storms and hurricanes for any interested visitors. Little did I know how big it would become in the years since. Now, we have millions of visitors from all over the world who have come to rely on the site as a no non-sense, tell it like it is resource for all things hurricane related. We are supported by a combination of corporate sponsors and our loyal Client Services members who subscribe to premium content on our sister site, premium.hurricanetrack.com. I am married with six energetic and intelligent children and live in southeast North Carolina. I graduated UNC-Wilmington in 1995 with a BA in Geography and have studied the effects of hurricanes on our society ever since.

As recovery efforts continue, we must also continue to watch the tropics

Rivers are rising still while others have reached their highest levels and are finally coming back down. The recovery process is well underway and people trying to help in parts of NC and SC will run in to challenges as flood waters evolve over the coming days. Fortunately, there are no signs of any rain threats anytime soon but the tropics do remain active and in fact, I think that October could be quite busy.

Here is my latest video discussion which includes an updated look at local river flooding as well as how to access that information on your own.

Tropics taking a bit of a “time out” for now

We will be watching the remnants of Florence for possible development well out in to the Atlantic over the next few days but otherwise, the tropics are going to be nice and calm for the time being. It’s still peak time of the season so, of course, we will see areas pop up here and there that bear watching but the overall pattern is not one that supports prolific development. I do see an opportunity for a secondary burst of activity towards the end of the month and in to mid-October. We will see….

Here is my latest video discussion:

Process of recovery begins as we enjoy quiet period in the tropics…for now

For thousands of people in North and South Carolina, the slow road to recovery from hurricane Florence has begun or will begin soon. The flooding continues, of course, and will take several days to abate but for now, the rain has quit, the sun is out and people can begin to rebuild what Florence took away.

Fortunately, the tropics will be in a lull state for a little while as the pattern re-sets itself for a potentially busy October. Water temps are still plenty warm and in many areas of the Atlantic Basin, those sea surface temperatures are running above the long term average.

I am back home in Wilmington, NC where my house has power but no Internet via cable modem. So, I am using my mobile hotspot, a great device to have – especially when critical work needs to get done.

Here is my latest video discussion posted just a short time ago. I will have more here, including a look back at how well this pattern that produced Florence was predicted ahead of time in my blog update tomorrow.