Up next for Florence: potentially catastrophic flood event

I am in Greensboro, NC where we have power and broadband Internet as the rains and wind have rendered those luxuries useless back home in Wilmington. I have produced a new and important video discussion highlighting the serious nature to the upcoming flood threat as torrential rain continues to fall from what is now tropical storm Florence. I will have an updated discussion posted by mid-morning Saturday.

Florence trying to get better organized over warm waters of Gulf Stream

The weakening of the core of Florence is definitely good news. No one needs a category four hurricane. However, the energy being expended is incredible and this will be translated in to the ocean, sounds and rivers as the wind field of Florence has expanded a lot since 48 hours ago.

All preparations should be complete now. Florence is going to make landfall somewhere in SE NC tomorrow morning – hopefully after sunrise. We shall see.

Here is my latest video discussion concerning what we see happening now and what to expect over the next few days with Florence – and Issac too.