October looks to begin where September left off: busy

8:10 AM ET Sept 29

NHC 5-Day Tropical Weather Outlook Map

NHC 5-Day Tropical Weather Outlook Map (Click for full size)

It looks like we will continue with the very busy 2017 hurricane season right on in to October. The latest 5-day outlook from the National Hurricane Center indicates that there are a couple of areas of interest to monitor over the next few days.

As Lee and Maria both head out in to the far reaches of the North Atlantic, we will begin focusing more on areas closer to the western part of the basin from here on out. The natural progression of climatology suggests that the region between Africa and the Lesser Antilles becomes less favorable this time of year. As such, we shift our attention more and more to the southwest Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

I will have  full video discussion posted early this afternoon and will go over not only the current systems that are worth watching but also a look in to what October may bring and why.

M. Sudduth



After Maria and Lee, hurricane season far from over

11am ET Thursday September 28

Maria and Lee are moving away from the United States and out in to the open Atlantic. Now we turn our attention to the area of interest near Cuba which is forecast to develop in to “something” off the coast of eastern Florida over the weekend. I have the latest on all of this and more in today’s discussion.

M. Sudduth


Live cams up and running along NC Outer Banks to Monitor impacts from Maria

Updated: 1:30 AM ET September 27

Maria is now a tropical storm but do not let the technical term for what the storm is fool you – the impacts are far reaching and are affecting the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Tropical storm conditions, with winds gusting to well over 45 mph in many locations, are still ongoing with off and on rain showers showing up from time to time. Fortunately, this is not a rain event to speak of and as such we won’t have to deal with any heavy rain.

The constant wind, blowing over hundreds of miles of Atlantic water, is literally piling up against the coast, bringing over wash, erosion and storm surge flooding to parts of the Outer Banks. Obviously, it is not widespread nor too destructive but it is creating a big mess for DOT crews to keep up with in terms of keeping roads clear of sand and debris.

For homes immediately adjacent to the Atlantic, the over wash and breaking waves will lead to some damage to fences, landscaping and other loose items that can be easily torn away by sweeping waves – pushed ashore by the constant blast of wind circulating around distant Maria.

It will take another 18-24 hours before we see a marked drop off in the conditions and so this means at least two more high tide cycles to get through before things calm down some. The usual vulnerable locations could see 2 to 4 feet of salt water inundation with standing water remaining for several hours after each high tide. Be VERY careful if driving through this mess – there are numerous boards filled with nails just waiting to puncture your tires. You have been warned…..trust me on this.

I have been working all day and in to the night to place cameras throughout the area. See the list below for Web access to those live cams which are also readily available within our iOS and Android app, Hurricane Impact. If you have the app, check the “live cams” tab for the listing of all the locations. With any luck, the cams will remain online until after dark Weds evening.

Hatteras Village Cam

Avon Cam

Kitty Hawk Cam

Rodanthe Cam

M. Sudduth



Impacts from Maria being felt along NC Coast

Updated: 12:25 pm ET September 26

I am in Rodanthe along the NC Outer Banks where I have set up a weather station to monitor the wind and air pressure. I will soon set out several live cameras to capture and stream live the flooding that is taking place as the ocean washes over the dunes and pours in to the streets out here.

If you have our app, Hurricane Impact, remember to check the Twitter tab often as I am able to post video clips on the fly and will do so throughout the next two days.

Also, the weather station is active so check it from time to time – the wind is actually not too bad right now, a few gusts in to the 30s but that’s about it. The live cam from this site will be up soon so check back within the next hour or so.

Here is my latest video discussion from this morning as well:

M. Sudduth



Maria may be weakening but don’t let that fool you – the energy put in to the ocean will be significant for the Outer Banks

8:40 AM ET Monday, September 25

Maria is on a weakening trend but the energy that has been put in to the ocean is headed for the shore. As such, the impacts along the Outer Banks of NC could be significant in some locations. Maria will be a lesson in understanding impacts and the bigger picture rather than focusing on category and whether or not it makes landfall.

Here is my morning video discussion: