Looking for unique, innovative content for your television broadcast? We have it!

Since the late 1990s, HurricaneTrack.com has been a popular portal on the Web for hurricane information. Unlike most hurricane related websites, HurricaneTrack.com actually goes in to the field during hurricanes and tropical storms for observation, reporting, news gathering and more. Below is a listing of our capabilties before, during and after a hurricane- or the hurricane season for that matter. We do not post past media hits on our site but have an extensive list of television news clips, transcripts, photos, newspaper articles and radio interviews that we can offer to members of the media who might be interested in our work and our experience.
  • State of the art 5-meter wind tower system that reports live weather data and a web cam image- in real time
  • Experience and know-how to report conditions for live phone interviews for television, radio or news print
  • Ability to shoot video and/or photographs for special production requests (industry standard rates apply) and upload video quickly using FTP to our servers or yours
  • Can perform live in-studio interviews as time permits
  • Offer FREE ride along opportunities for media (example: NBC Productions sent a crew with us during hurricane Wilma)
  • Offer live reports and observations to your on-air weather staff- we know the language and how to communicate our observations to the public
  • Other special requests as needed
If you have any questions or would like a live interview, please send an email to: hurrmark at gmail dot com or ms@hurricanetrack.com with the subject line "hurricane".