Hurricane Preparedness Photo Hurricane preparedness is more than just a concept; it is an industry and for some, a way of life. Being prepared is more than just putting up window protection and getting the canned goods and water ready, it is a state of mind. The first step towards becoming hurricane prepared is learning the hazards associated with hurricanes. As one of my great friends from the National Weather Service once told me, "you have to know the enemy". In this case, the enemy is the hurricane.

We have partnered with Olympus Insurance in Florida to produce a series of videos that explore being hurricane prepared. The segments address a variety of topics from knowing the hurricane hazards to understanding how to best utilize your mobile phone and social media- to many topics in between. This is not a "how to" series but rather a beginning point to getting you to think about what it will take to prepare your family or business for a hurricane. You are encouraged to share these videos with anyone you choose and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to email us or converse with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Understanding Hurricane Hazards

Hurricane Evacuation

Beach Safety and Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Preparedness and Insurance

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Mobile Device

Don't Forget Radio During Hurricanes

Generator Safety and Maintenance