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You've asked for them, now we have them! Our newest fundraising effort is our official HurricaneTrack logo tee shirts. We have 3 colors available: white, grey and royal blue. The shirts are Gildan cotton tees, the same ones we sport when out in the field or live on our nowcast YouTube broadcasts - truly one of a kind and only available from our store.

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Tracking the Hurricanes: 2016 $24.99 plus $3.50 shipping
This two-disc set picks up where Tracking the Hurricanes: 2008 left off in an incredible 2 1/2 hour look back at the 2009-2016 hurricane seasons. Disc one chronicles 2009-2015 and the advances we made with our unmanned camera project, the HURRB weather balloon project and more. Hurricanes such as Earl, Irene, Isaac and Sandy are covered as we move through the years leading up to the captivating events that shape the 2016 hurricane season. On disc two, you'll be taken on a journey unlike any other in to hurricanes Hermine and Matthew with unprecdented video footage captured by our exclusive unmanned cams. New technologies are showcased in this much anticipated follow up to the popular 2004, 2005 and 2008 DVDs and it's in glorious widescreen format (something we did not have back in 2008). Original music composed and performed by Mark Sudduth makes this newest edition of the Tracking the Hurricanes series a must-have for your collection of weather video.


Tracking the Hurricanes: 2008 $24.99 plus $3.50 shipping
The 2008 hurricane season was very busy and included hurricanes Gustav and Ike. However, the nation was facing a financial crisis of historic proportions and as a result, the hurricane season was largely forgotten by those not directly affected. This 3rd installment of the DVD series takes a look back at the "forgotten season" with compelling video, original music and a storyline that shows just how much of an impact hurricanes have on our lives, even if we don't realize it.

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Tracking the Hurricanes: 2005 $24.99 plus $3.50 shipping
The historic 2005 hurricane season is documented like nothing else you've seen in this captivating look back at the season that brought us Katrina, Rita and Wilma - the last "major" hurricane to make landfall in the United States.

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Tracking the Hurricanes: 2004 $24.99 plus $3.50 shipping
The one that started it all! Own the original full-length production that takes you in to the historic 2004 season like you've never seen it before. This was the year of Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne and we were there for all of them and more!

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