Alberto a slow-moving and odd storm – headed for Florida Gulf Coast tomorrow

Alberto is still classified as being subtropical in its structure. Time is running out for it to transform in to a more typical tropical storm but the effects won’t matter much: heavy rain at times, gusty winds and some storm surge issues in the usual areas will be the calling card for this storm.

I have posted a video discussion with the latest info from the NHC regarding Alberto and what to expect tomorrow. This includes important inland impacts which will be widespread over the next several days.


M. Sudduth 11:55 PM ET May 27

Alberto poised to strengthen and bring a lot of rain, some surge to Florida then Southeast U.S.

The latest from the NHC tells us that Alberto is still structured as a subtropical storm, with a large and lopsided wind field. Over the next day or so, it should change and become more tropical with stronger winds and more concentrated area of showers and thunderstorms. Still, it is May and most early season storms are like this which means a majority of the inclement weather will to the east, well to the east, of where the center makes landfall.

I have prepared a video discussion highlighting the latest information plus my plans to cover Alberto’s impacts in the field. I will be heading to Florida today for coverage and will post updates while I travel. Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @hurricanetrack since I can post instant updates, pics and short video clips there on the fly.

M. Sudduth 11:45 AM ET May 26