No worries from the tropics this week unless you live in the Azores

Heavy Rains Streaming North Out of the Gulf of Mexico

Heavy Rains Streaming North Out of the Gulf of Mexico

The tropics are of little concern as we begin the week and the second half of September. The two areas of interest, 92L and 93L, have both become non-issues within the last several hours and development is not expected from either system.

However, copious amounts of rain are headed in to the central Gulf Coast region and throughout much of the East over the next few days as a cold front taps deep tropical moisture. Be aware of this heavy rain threat and drive with caution if you’re caught in any of these downpours. With the change of seasons beginning to progress, these cooler air masses can squeeze out plenty of water since the Gulf of Mexico is still very warm.

The only item of interest this week continues to be Nadine which will still be on the map this time next week it looks like. Folks in the Azores Islands may have to deal with some of the effects from the storm as it meanders slowly in the eastern Atlantic. Nadine’s longevity will add several more ACE points which stands Accumulated Cyclone Energy. This is a more accurate measure of how much energy was expended by this season’s tropical storms and hurricanes. Right now, we are just above 80 which is about what was expected for this season by most forecast entities. I think we will likely see another hurricane or two before the season is finished, adding another 10 to 20 points for the year. We have already had eight hurricanes, about two more than the 100 year average. Fortunately, no intense hurricanes have affected land thus far and I do not see that changing anytime soon.

In the east Pacific, the NHC is tracking hurricane Lane which is well out to the southwest of the Baja and poses no threat to land. There are no other areas of interest in the east Pacific right now and things should remain quiet there for the next several days.