Hurricane Bud in east Pacific will bring plenty of moisture to parts of SW U.S.

The east Pacific has seen two category four hurricanes within less than a week. This is quite unusual and fortunately, neither will have major impacts on land areas. However, Bud, now weakening from its peak overnight, will bring tropical storm conditions, including the threat of heavy rain, to portions of the Baja peninsula and mainland Mexico.

After this initial landfall, the remnants of Bud will move across Mexico and provide some relief from the heat over the Desert Southwest. With this relief will come the threat of heavy rain and maybe even thunderstorm activity would could set off flash flooding and even wildfires due to lightning strikes.

I go over all of this, plus a look at invest 91L in the Caribbean Sea, in my latest video discussion posted below.

M. Sudduth 5:20 pm ET June 12