Watching hurricane Hector in the Pacific

Updated: 3:45 pm ET Friday, August 3, 2018

Mark Sudduth,

While the Atlantic Basin remains very quiet due to sinking air, dry air and cooler than average sea surface temps, the east Pacific is quite busy.

I am currently tracking hurricane Hector which is way out in the open Pacific and moving generally westward. While it may pose a threat to Hawaii in a few days, the current steering pattern suggests that it should stay sufficiently south to keep the worst effects away. This is not certain as of yet but so far, the news seems positive; something to keep an eye on for sure.

In my latest video post, I go over the latest concerning Hector as well as a detailed look at not only sea surface temps at the surface but also the all-important upper ocean heat content and how it differs from last year at this time. Check it out below.

M. Sudduth 3:45 PM ET Aug 3