Extremely busy time in the tropics – just as the peak of the season arrives

It is September 10 and the peak day of the Atlantic hurricane season from a climatological perspective. We have a lot going on out there and the risk to people from Hawaii to the Lesser Antilles and eventually parts of the Southeast U.S. is increasing as Olivia, Isaac and Florence track closer to land. We also have to monitor a new system trying to develop in te NW Caribbean Sea which could impact the western Gulf region later in the week. I break it all down in my morning video post below.

I will post another update after the 5pm ET advisory package is released from the NHC.

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New ECMWF model indicates Mississippi likely landfall for Isaac



Here is a shot from Weatherbellmodels.com as Tweeted by Dr. Ryan Maue just moments ago showing the 00z ECMWF model output for 48 hours from Sunday night which would be Tuesday night and in to early morning Wednesday. The model has remained tough with its depiction of an “east of” New Orleans landfall of Isaac. It is hard to say what intensity Isaac will be – but this latest run of the reliable Euro model underscores the need for people in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to be prepared.

The team and I will be out and about all day Monday working with local officials to prepare for locations to place our equipment. We brought one complete wind tower system with us and will have it set up most likely in Gulfport, MS. The data and web cam image will feed in to the app in Tower 1. The other two towers will not be active for this mission. We want to make sure that our set up does in fact get the job done before deploying the remaining towers in future field missions.

I will also keep posting video blogs to the app under “Field Missions”. Please remember to close the app completely and then re-starting it to refresh the video page. I regret that this was overlooked in development but the video blogs are important enough that it is worth the aggravation for now to close the app and reopen it for new content. Please follow @hurricanetrack on Twitter and set an alert for when I post Tweets. I will ALWAYS alert Twitter as to when the app was updated with a new video. Plan on several per day, perhaps a dozen or more starting tomorrow.

Thank you all for the support that your purchase of the app provides. We hope to increase sales significantly in the coming days and then re-invest a lot of this funding in to future enhancements of HurricaneTrack, including an Android version as we know many people want that.

We’ll see you all from the coast of Mississippi.