Hurricane threat for Gulf Coast, interior Southeast

Here we go again. Another hurricane threat looming for the United States; this time, the Gulf Coast region.

The NHC is issuing advisories on TD 14 situated just east of the Yucatan peninsula in the NW Caribbean Sea. This area is favored for development this time of year and we are actually in a period of even more favorable conditions for the time being.

The forecast from the NHC calls for steady strengthening of the depression in to what will eventually be hurricane Michael. There is potential for it to become quite strong as well and people need to keep this in mind when preparing.

Impacts will be felt across a wide area beginning with what we’re seeing now along the Yucatan and western Cuba all the way up in to the panhandle of Florida and beyond. I think we could see water level rises from areas such as Tampa all the way over to the forecast landfall area near Destin. We will know a lot more about expected storm surge and other impacts over the next day or so – but time is running out, the time to begin preparing is now!

After landfall, the hurricane will be moving quickly and is likely to bring power outages and other major issues to interior portions of the Southeast. Interests from inland areas of Georgia and the Carolinas need to be ready for what’s coming.

I have posted an in-depth, detailed look at what’s happening now with the depression as well as what to look for in the coming days as it moves in to the southern Gulf of Mexico with an eventual landfall along the Florida panhandle around mid-week.