Tropical depression in east Pacific poses flood threat, rest of tropics quiet

NHC Track Map of TD2-E

NHC Track Map of TD2-E

The second tropical cyclone of the east Pacific season formed yesterday just off the coast of southeast Mexico. It is rather poorly organized and not forecast to get very strong wind-wise. The main issue, as is the case with any tropical cyclone, will be heavy rain and the potential for fresh-water flooding related issues.

Forecasts from various computer guidance suggests that the depression/storm will move northward and make landfall over southeast Mexico sometime tomorrow. From that point, the low pressure area will weaken and could move in to the extreme southern Gulf of Mexico where it might have a chance to regain some strength. Water temperatures in the Gulf are not very warm compared to what it will be like in August, for example, but there is some potential here for this system to re-energize in the southern Gulf. None of the global models show much happening with this feature but I have to emphasize again the threat of heavy rain for the region.

Elsewhere, the Pacific and Atlantic are nice and quiet as we would expect for the early part of the hurricane season.

I will post an update tomorrow morning, including information on a brand new feature we are adding to our app, Hurricane Impact – for the 2014 season.

M. Sudduth 1:29 PM ET June 3