So far, Gordon not strengthening as it closes in on Gulf Coast

Visible satellite image of TS Gordon in the Gulf of Mexico

Visible satellite image of TS Gordon in the Gulf of Mexico

The good news this morning is that Gordon has not strengthened during the overnight hours. The cloud pattern looks a little more organized but reports from recon indicate that the pressure is not falling. That being said, we still have a good 12-18 hours before Gordon makes landfall and plenty of warm water ahead – so it is possible to see some additional intensification.

All in all, the main impacts remain the same: periods of heavy rain, squalls and some coastal storm surge as onshore flow commences later today along the Mississippi coast. The extent of these impacts will obviously depend on whether or not Gordon is able to become better organized and thus strengthen. It is wait and see now and we can do just that via coastal radar.

Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor Florence which remains far away from land areas and is likely to stay that way for the next five days at least. We have plenty of time to watch and see what the steering pattern is for Florence down the road.

Additionally, we have other areas to keep track of as well in the deep tropics, just west of the African coastline. It’s that time of year and this was to be expected, despite the cooler SST profile that was present during the early part of the summer.

I am in Mississippi where I will be reporting on conditions here over the next 24 hours or so. I’ll be placing remote cams and a weather station later this morning to capture what impacts Gordon brings. I’ll post another update here late this afternoon or early evening.