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UPDATED: May 15, 2023


We are now in mid-May and that means the resumption of the NHC's Tropical Weather Outlooks for the east Pacific and north Atlantic.

One big change we will see immediately is the introduction of seven day outlooks which will include info concerning any development chances going out to a full week. The actual tropical cylcone forecasts will remain at five days, so keep that in mind.

Also, today marks the official start of the east Pacific hurricane season; the Atlantic follows in about two weeks.

With an El Nino developing in the tropical Pacific, we are likely to see an above-average east Pacific season which could place Mexico under a greater risk of impacts from landfalling or close-proximity tropical storms and hurricanes. This pattern might also increase the chances that a dying hurricane makes its way into the Desert Southwest of the U.S. - something to watch for later in the season.

Check out the graphic below for all of the east Pacific names. I will have regular updates regarding east Pacific activity from now until the end of the season; including detailed information included within my Hurricane Outlook and Discussion videos.

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